Maitland publishes some standard drawings which may be very handy for people such as myself who are trying to get a handle on the requirements for improvements and additions to a house.

To get them:
Go to Maitland Councils Website
Hover over Planning & Development
Three up from the bottom click on the Planning & Engineering Publications
Under the heading “Manual of Engineering Standards”
Click on the here link which takes you here
Under Section D you have a whole lot of Standard Drawings.

I was interested in my driveway so I needed the SD001 to SD0015 drawing which has all sorts of profiles for driveways.

Interestingly they specify slopes not in degrees but in percentage points.

Check the calculation of percentage grade on the above mentioned wikipedia article

percentage = 100 \frac{rise}{run}

8.5\% = 100 \frac{rise}{1400}

rise = \frac{8.5\times1400}{100}

Given the percentage slope you can figure out the rise when you have the run and vice versa