Problem: When attempting to login to a remote RDS Server you see an error message”. “Your computer can’t connect to the remote computer because a security package error occurred in the transport layer”

Systems Affected: Currently this has only been observed on Windows 10 Professional instances of the Remote Desktop Client. However it may apply to Windows 7 Professional also.

Cause: After the recent patch cycle when using the Remote Desktop Connection Client cached usernames and password credentials no longer work and display the above error.

Resolution: Clear the cached credentials and re-enter them. Please follow the Step by step below

    1. Right click on the Remote Desktop Connection Icon (this is the RDP file you use to connect) and choose the edit option from the context menu
    2. From the Remote Desktop Connection Dialog Box select the Advanced tab
    3. On the Advanced tab you will see a area named “Connect from anywhere” click the Settings… button
    4. You will see a RD Gateway Server Settings Dialog in the Logon Settings area click the “delete” link where it says “You can edit or delete these credentials”
    5. You need to click “Yes” confirm the deletion when prompted
    6. Click OK and then click the “Connect” button. You will prompted to re-enter your credentials. Check the “Remember me” checkbox only if the computer login you are using is not shared with other users.
    7. Continue to log in as normal