Quality Inofrmation Technology Services for business


As a trusted adviser to your business our goal is to give you better support and systems that lead to greater efficiency. 


With 20+ years experience across a range of different businesses. We can improve your computing environment as your business undergoes change.


Having achieved Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix and Amazon Web Services Certifications we have the knowledge to help.

What we Do

We Provide IT Services to Business

Websites & Hosting

Websites hosted on the Azure Cloud. We can look after your current sites

Office 365 Support

We can look after your Microsoft environment. Install, upgrades, support

Cloud Moves and Transfers

If you need to bundle up your data and move it to the cloud. Implement off site cloud backup or transfer on-premise services to the cloud Toggen can assist

Get Started

Fix the niggling issues with the your computing environment

When you start out in business perhaps you only had a couple of computers and printers. Perhaps you are wondering “why can’t we”. Toggen can give you the advice you need to right size your environment.


About Us

At Toggen, No Client is Too Small

Whether you just need someone for a few hours, or to regularly monitor and inspect your environment. We provide services to fit your need.

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Our Clients

We cater for a number of different industries servicing Food Manufacturing, Interior Design & Accountancy clients to name a few

Information Technology Articles

List your VSCode Extensions

Ever wondered what extensions you have installed and want to keep a list? This actually is a good way to audit your currently installed extensions and then weed out the ones you no longer need or don't use code --list-extensions # output...

array_merge vs the + operator

<?php $options = [ 'rootNode' => 'response' ]; // array_merge // the same key appearing later will overwrite echo print_r(array_merge(['rootNode' => 'root'], $options), true); /** * output * * Array * ( * [rootNode] => response * ) */ // + syntax if it already...

CakePHP 4 – Dump A List of Form Templates

In your view somewhere enter <?php dd($this->Form->getTemplates()); ?> Reload the page and then you can view the templates and figure out which template to override in your view. Once you have identified which template is causing an issue then you can override it...