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SSH to Unifi USG Public Key Rejected

Trying to login using SSH with a Public Key to USG and only get a password prompt Using latest version of MacOS and the following ssh version ssh -V OpenSSH_8.8p1, OpenSSL 1.1.1l 24 Aug 2021 Run the following to get more info ssh user@usg -vvv get a heap of output but...

Getting league\glide installed on Laravel 8 / PHP 8.0.3

I started a project using the sample inertia app Ping CRM and then upgraded to use the latest laravel and sail docker environment. Laravel version php artisan -V Laravel Framework 8.70.2 When I tried to install glide with just the following it tries to install the...

Git Merge Commits From One Branch Into Another

I created a feature in my Toggen WMS to be able to print an SSCC Label PDF from MessageXchange XML the branch in git was xmltopdf Later I fetched the production "live" code back to my development repo and changed a label print page to have 3 print forms instead of 2....

Unifi UDM to Azure Site to Site VPN Notes

The GUI doesn't keep some of the settings you set. But these worked for me. This doesn't include the Azure setup. Settings for UDM Name: TGN-MEL-AZR Name can be anything you want. I like to do <company prefix ><local site><remote site> e.g TGN is...

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