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How to Research a CPU Upgrade

How to Research a CPU Upgrade

Upgrade Time! Doing a lot of VMWare Workstation virtualization to create labs for self-study and training. Finding that the current Ryzen 5 3600 while a very good processor most of the time for general desktop usage is a little bit bound when running several VMs...

Evolution Email Setup For Microsoft 365

Evolution Email Setup For Microsoft 365

If you run the GNOME desktop environment then you might be using the feature full Evolution email program. If also like me you have enabled MFA for your Azure accounts then the default IMAP configuration will fail to authenticate because it will not be able to...

Windows 10 Update History

Microsoft Publishes the contents of each Windows 10 update to allow for you to review and understand what is contained there-in. With the forced updates and limited ability to delay updates it's more of a retrospective "What we did to your computer" page. It also...

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