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Embedding a create-react-app project into A CakePHP view

Step 1 I find it good to create the React project inside my CakePHP APP directory so I can keep it under the same git repository. To create the react project use create-react-app: cd /path/to/cakephp/app create-react-app pick-app Step 2 Next edit your...

Cups Allow all from localhost and Basic Auth from remote

<Location /> # tgn Use auth and disable remote printing Order allow,deny Allow from AuthType Default Require user @SYSTEM Satisfy any </Location> <Location /admin> # tgn Allow remote administration with Auth AuthType Default Require user @SYSTEM...

Microsoft Redeemable Licenses

Microsoft Redeemable Licenses

Electronic Licenses If you specify download only product for Windows 10 Pro then that license is digitally linked to your Microsoft Account and can't be redeemed to another Microsoft Account. To my knowledge you can't then transfer them to another entity What you need...

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