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Greenshot – Makes documentation easier

I take lots of screenshot per day. Greenshot is a handy utility that makes that very easy. I find it useful for: capturing the settings in configuration dialogs, creating step by step how to's and documenting before and after changes....

Melbourne – 8th most liveable lockdown / power outage in the world

So a few days ago we started having wild weather - high winds and rain. That day (Wednesday) I lost my NBN connection. On Thursday the winds picked up and the rain bucketed down and it snapped limbs and blew down trees throughout the region where we live. It wasn’t...

How to trouble shoot your Unifi UDM Internet Connection

I have a HFC NBN service with TPG I use a Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Wireless Router to connect to a TPG NBN business plan The first indication of a problem Got up this morning and my Android phone had the "no internet" exclamation mark on the WiFi Icon Checking UDM...

Synology – Power Restore Settings

If you want your Synology to restart after a power failure remember to set the recovery options: "Restart automatically when power supply issue is fixed"

CakePHP/Queue WorkerListener Example Class

This is an example of implementing a WorkerListener class for the new CakePHP/Queue plugin as mentioned here => Config array // ... 'Queue' => [ 'default' => [ // A DSN for your configured backend. default:...

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