June 20 – Moved to Amazon Sydney

So for a while I have been using a Digital Ocean droplet based in Singapore and it is cheaper than an AWS EC2 Instance However I did some tests and found that ping times to Sydney from Melbourne were ~20ms and to Singapore ~400ms I noticed some lag problems with a web...

AWS to Digital Ocean DNS Record Migration

Just completed a migration away from AWS to Digital Ocean Need to install the Digital Ocean dotctl command line utility (this is using brew on a mac) brew install dotctl Transfer domain records away from AWS using the aws-cli #!/bin/bash domains=$(aws route53...

G-Suite to Office 365 Migration Stalled

Following the steps at this link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/mailbox-migration/perform-g-suite-migration#create-a-migration-batch-in-office-365 Trigger the migration in the ECP (Exchange Control Panel) Viewing the status of the migration Login to...

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