CakePHP 4 has Deprecated File & Folder

So recently my code editor has been putting a line through File because it is going to removed in CakePHP 5 So here is an example of code that uses the deprecated methods and the suggested SplFileObject Using File public function createTempFile($print_content,...

Format validationsErrors

A recursive function that takes a validation error array and return a string with all the different errors concatenated into a formatted string Further to my previous posting This function will walk...

Embed Create React App SPA into CakePHP 3.8.x view

Some small changes from the old CRA version 2.x the asset-manifest.json now has an entrypoints key // view code src/Template/Assigned/schedule_edit.ctp <?php foreach ($css as $style) : ?> <?= $this->Html->css('/react' . $style, [ 'block' => true ]); ?> <?php...

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