Technical tips collected over several decades in IT

Javascript Best Practices

I don't do a lot of programming, and the languages I use are all interpreted (Perl, VBS, Kix, PHP) and not compiled. So people can easily see the mess I make of code. But I do like to know, at least, how to do things correctly. With regard to Javascript there are many...

jQuery — It begins

So most day's I'm an infrastructure and apps guy. Which means a bit of: Cisco Windows ERP And a heap of general IT So then comes a long a project which requires coding... And because my ERP spits out and receives XML and Internet browsers are very friendly with the...

Maitland Waterproofing

I have just finished coding a website for a friend. He's running a Waterproofing business. I got him to do the waterproofing in my bathroom renovation, which he did a great job of. I was amazed at how neat the end result was (he used these cute little plastic dishes...


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