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vec2web missing text labels

vec2web is a dxf to png (and other format) convertor based on the QCAD libraries. I downloaded and compiled it. However when I ran it the text dimensions were missing. I discovered the reason for this is that vec2web needs to be able to find the fonts and resource in...

QCAD – Isometric Projections made easy

QCAD - Isometric Projections or "The coolest open source app in the universe" I used to do Tech Drawing at school and to do an Isometric Projection required all sorts of construction lines just to render a circle. Here is a sample of an isometric projection in QCAD....

Converting DWG files to DXF for use in QCAD

The native file format in QCAD is DXF however many online resources provide downloads in DWG file format. For example I was looking for roofing iron profiles and found some in DWG format So how do you convert from DWG to DXF. I tried to download lx-viewer but it has...


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