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PDF Poster

PDF Poster

Start with a wide long image. This is just a screen shot of my desktop. widescreen.png Convert it to postscript using convert from ImageMagick # install ImageMagick sudo dnf install ImageMagick convert widescreen.png Use poster to chop and format the...

Scribus to PDF Print

Just using Scribus to design and print some lapel cards Regarding Scribus - It seems that the stable version will not run or install easily on Fedora 32 so I have had to make do with the Scribus Version 1.5.6.svn Beta. So after getting around the flakey behavior of...


Just putting this here as I have a SELECT in MySQL that was taking 1.946 sec to return 20 records from a table with 159884 records when using a ORDER BY DESC on a DATETIME field Creating an index and changing the FROM to FORCE INDEX () dropped it down to 0.00079 sec /...


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