Simple Squid Proxy Check

Squid outage fail-over If you run wccp through a Cisco router and your Squid Cache falls over the router will fail over to serving pages directly. Seamless fail-over is good but So you may never notice that your Squid proxy has stopped responding. So you lose the...

Hide your Squid Proxy’s internal hostname

I recently went to and And under the front page under "Proxy Server Detected!" I saw the internal hostname of my squid proxy. Which may or may not be a security problem (giving away an internal domain name and hostname). So inside...

Cisco 877 – Squid Cache

I recently went from having a Linux CentOS release 5.3 gateway firewall running Squid Cache: Version 2.6.STABLE21 to a Cisco 877 ADSL gateway. Very quickly my users complained of r_e_a_l_l_y slow internet. With only the Cisco 877 in place every single request was...

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