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Unifi UDM to Azure Site to Site VPN Notes

The GUI doesn't keep some of the settings you set. But these worked for me. This doesn't include the Azure setup. Settings for UDM Name: TGN-MEL-AZR Name can be anything you want. I like to do <company prefix ><local site><remote site> e.g TGN is...

Seeing if a Unifi UAP is sending ARP Requests

I'm not able to ping a wireless up-linked Unifi UAP-AC-HD device. It is marked as ISOLATED in the Unifi Controller. Strangely the Unifi Controller is reporting it was last seen 2 minutes ago but I think this is a furphy. If anyone knows if there is a back channel that...


This is a graphic I use to figure out which section to add the firewall rules to in the Unifi UDM/USG controller.

Checking for port errors on Cisco Switches

Recently had a macbook pro which had a network dongle that was very hot and the network connection stopped working. Found that the dongle was sending garbled signal down the wire and the Cisco switch shutdown the port. # all status show interfaces status # port...

Does your IP Address have a Bad Reputation?

I recently moved my company's Administration Offices from one site to another. Simple I thought. Purchase a new internet connection move the email server and reconfigure email to be sent and received on the new internet connection Apparently not. A few days after...


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