Checking for port errors on Cisco Switches

Recently had a macbook pro which had a network dongle that was very hot and the network connection stopped working. Found that the dongle was sending garbled signal down the wire and the Cisco switch shutdown the port. # all status show interfaces status # port...

Cisco 877 Continual Reload

I used Cisco's SDM to configure the stateful firewall component on a Cisco 877 but I let it add all the automatic Instant Messenger rules. That's when things started going wrong. The Cisco crashed and reloaded... probably 10 times a day. Deleting the IM stateful...

Cisco Network Topology Icons

If you use Dia or another open source diagramming package you may need some network infrastructure icons. Cisco publishes some here Note: Dia already includes most of these which were converted several years ago when the...

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