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Cloudready on VMWare Fusion on MacOS

Trying to get Cloudready going on VMWare Fusion on Mac I downloaded CloudReady-Home-v78-x64.ovf and discovered I had to rename it to CloudReady-Home-v78-x64.ova to get VMWare Fusion to import it. Enable in VM Virtualisation to Complete Linux (Beta) Terminal...

Bash alias to copy ssh public key

If you need to copy and paste your public key into dozens of different VM's in Azure or AWS this can be handy. It copies your public ssh key to the clip board and displays it on screen # put this into ~/.bash_profile alias getkey="cat ~/.ssh/ | tee...

MAC Address Changer for MacOS

If you have the need to change your MAC Address on you MacBook Pro. You can use macchanger which is a command line utility installed using home brew. brew install macchanger Then to show your current MAC address macchanger -s en0 Then to change it to something random...


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