Mounting a folder shared from VMWare Workstation of Fusion Host inside a Fedora 30 through 33 Guest

Written by James McDonald

January 10, 2020

Inside the Fedora Guest

Install open-vm-tools

In the Virtual Machine Guest Settings

Enable shared folders

VMWare Workstation Pro on Fedora 33 – Shared Folders Settings
VMWare Fusion on MacOS – Shared Folder Settings

Reboot the guest after doing the above

Commands to run on the host

# see the shared folders available
[[email protected] ~]$ vmware-hgfsclient

# If you don't see the above. Shutdown the VM and configure
# the folder sharing from within VMWare Fusion for your
# host and that guest

# mounting the shared folder in the guest
mkdir ~/host
vmhgfs-fuse host/

# check you have the folder available
[[email protected] ~]$ ls ~/host/


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