Cloudready on VMWare Fusion on MacOS

Written by James McDonald

May 29, 2020

Trying to get Cloudready going on VMWare Fusion on Mac

I downloaded CloudReady-Home-v78-x64.ovf and discovered I had to rename it to CloudReady-Home-v78-x64.ova to get VMWare Fusion to import it.

Enable in VM Virtualisation to Complete Linux (Beta) Terminal Installation

Linux (Beta) Terminal wouldn’t install and the option wasn’t there to enable it

Discovered you have to shutdown the VM and enable the Settings => Processors => Advanced Options => Enable hypervisor applications in this virtual machine option because Linux (Beta) Terminal needs virtualisation support to install

VMWare Camera doesn’t Work

Another problem which I haven’t worked around is the Camera doesn’t work on VMWare. I guess this is known by CloudReady as the OVF template doesn’t come with a Camera Device and adding it doesn’t work

Powershell on Linux (Beta)

You need to follow the instructions for installing on Debian 10

In the Linux Terminal do a cat /etc/debian_version and you get 10.4

Go here and follow the instructions

Install Visual Studio Code

Download the x64 bit vscode package from and install by right clicking and choosing install to Linux

Install LibreOffice

In the Linux Terminal (Beta) run:

sudo apt-get install libreoffice

Once these programs are installed you can launch them using icons in the chromebooks menus. But they take a while to start up because I think the Linux Terminal is a container that needs to initialise before running these apps.

OpenVPN Client

The CloudReady install doesn’t have a client which you can load ovpn files with embedded certs. Apparently the Android Store has clients that support .ovpn files but Cloudready doesn’t include the Android Store. To work-a-round this I just installed openvpn on the command line and found it will successfully open a connection

sudo apt-get install openvpn
sudo openvpn your.ovpn


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