Brew Wine on MacOS Ugly Fonts

Written by James McDonald

June 25, 2018

Wine 3.0.1 MacOS 10.13.5

If you have recently done a brew install wine and found that suddenly your fonts are ugly.

A work-a-round is:

  1. to remove the current version of XQuartz (2.7.11) and downgrade to XQuartz-2.7.9.dmg
  2. install the wine stable version from

this will then allow you to run wine with out the ugly pixelated fonts.

If you want to make the WineHQ wine available to you from the command prompt you will need to add it to your ~/.bash_profile file for example:

export PATH="/Applications/Wine":$PATH

Downgrading XQuartz and using the brew installed version of wine doesn’t doesn’t fix the problem

The first image here is the one that is rendering the fonts OK

This is what you see when the fonts are pixelated and ugly



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