Setting AZCOPY_CONCURRENCY_VALUE on Storage Explorer MacOS Client

Written by James McDonald

September 21, 2019

The problem this is solving is failed azcopy uploads on slow internet connections.

Firstly locate the AzCopyClient.js file and open it in editor

vim "/Applications/Microsoft Azure Storage"

Add envVars.AZCOPY_CONCURRENCY_VALUE = 4; replace 4 with a number that works on your particular connection. The slower the lower. The default client does a calc based on CPU Cores and mine originally set the concurrent rate to 64 (8 cores * 8 I think)

You know you have it correct when you copy the azcopy command from Storage Explorer and it shows the export value

export AZCOPY_CRED_TYPE=Anonymous;
./azcopy copy "/Users/jmcd/Downloads/" ";sp=rwl&amp;sv=2018-03-28&amp;sr=c&amp;sig=<REDACTED>" --overwrite=false --follow-symlinks --recursive --from-to=LocalBlob --blob-type=BlockBlob --put-md5;


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