Written by James McDonald

March 31, 2009

vec2web is a dxf to png (and other format) convertor based on the QCAD libraries.

I downloaded and compiled it. However when I ran it the text dimensions were missing.

I discovered the reason for this is that vec2web needs to be able to find the fonts and resource in the QCAD directory. I copied the vec2web binary to the QCAD root directory. I then created this script to take the command arguments and then cd to the QCAD dir before running vec2web.

# convert dxf's to png
# sample command:
# vec2web.sh input.dxf output.png 1024


if [ -z "$1" -o -z "$2" -o -z "$3" ] ; then
	echo $0 input.dxf output.png resolution
	exit 1


cd $QCAD

./vec2web $DIR/$1 $DIR/$2 -x $X -y $Y

The result after properly ‘homing’ vec2web so it can get to the QCAD fonts:


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