Twitter has a quid pro quo approach to the “Edit Profile” button

Written by James McDonald

November 13, 2020

How to change your display name

TLDR; Make a change in the Setup Profile wizard to reveal the “Edit Profile” button and dialog

I was trying to change my Display Name (not the user handle or username ) on Twitter. I couldn’t find the “Edit Profile” button but had a “Set up profile” button

If you click the “Setup Profile” button. It is very opinionated that you have to

  1. Pick a profile picture
  2. Pick a header
  3. Describe yourself (i.e. enter Your bio)

If you choose Skip now for each of these Setup Profile wizard steps and then click “See Profile” the “Set up profile” button will stay and you won’t get the “Edit Profile” button which enables you to change the display name, add a website link etc.

When you first create your account with no profile pic, bio or header graphic. You will have a “Set up profile” button as in the next screen shot
The Set up profile work flow is a group of questions which you can’t exit and if you skip all of them you will never see the “Edit Profile” button
The secret is to add content to any one of the 3 options and then when you have finished you will see the “Edit Profile” button

Notice after adding some content to the “Describe Yourself” or Bio field and finishing the Setup Profile Wizard you get the Edit Profile Button

The Edit profile button appears

So the trick is to give Twitter an offering and then it will allow you to edit your profile


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