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Why choose Toggen for web hosting?

About Hosting with Toggen

What’s the difference?

Hands Off Hosting

Toggen hosting is ideal if you want to be able to phone someone and discuss changes when help is needed with your site.

If you don’t want to wrestle with a web tool kit or control panels we can do the uploads, adds, updates and edits for you.

Small quick edits* come with the hosting.

More substantial updates are charged at ourĀ standard Website development & administration rates.

* Quick edits take less than 10 minutes and occur no more than once a month. For example typos or small text changes.

Hosting Geographically Close to your Audience

To understand why hosting the primary website closer to your users is beneficial. Note the round trip times for a Squarespace US hosted site and in the Amazon Sydney and Melbourne Azure data centres


Website Round trip time in milliseconds
Squarespace USA 326
Amazon Sydney 47
Azure Melbourne 11.4
Average of 20 ping requests over a NBN50 & Wi-Fi in Suburban Melbourne

Backups Included

Toggen backs up and keeps your data in Azure ready for when disaster strikes.

We Patch Regularly

We keep an eye out for the current vulnerabilities and regularly apply security patches

Hosting Platform

What do you get when you host with Toggen?