The Bathroom – Moët Chandon Required for the Grand Opening

Written by James McDonald

July 17, 2007

We are almost finished the bathroom. We have been showering for several weeks. The only unfinished portion is the sliding door which I am currently putting a coat of High Gloss Enamel in China White on it.

Once that is done our atrophied social life is almost ready to re-start again. As much as it’s nice to be able to see the TV when sitting on the comode. I assume that guests might find it distracting.

So the mind is now turning to other projects of which there are numerous possibilities (Fence, Garden, Chook Shed, Carport, Guttering etc etc). I am hoping that we can sort the whole lot out and get a coherent game plan happening so I’m not trying to do too much too soon or not enough soon enough. If you know what I mean.


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