Written by James McDonald

January 31, 2019

So apparently Route 53 is not fully up to speed with some DNS standards. Testing my domains at https://dnsflagday.net/#domain-holders and I’m getting “Minor problems detected”

Apparently according to https://dnsflagday.net a large number of ‘big’ DNS providers will switch to run more standards compliant software from Feb 1 2019 … tomorrow.

It would be nice if AWS had some sort of information posted which would assuage my concerns. Perhaps they do and my Google is broken.

This is a screen shot of the result of a test against my domains hosted on Route 53. But apparently and re-assuringly as you can see “This domain is going to work after February 1st 2019”

A domain that runs on ‘standards compliant’ DNS software reports All Ok!

So we will have to wait and see after tomorrow whether the bulk move by DNS providers away from non standards compliant DNS server software will have a big breakage effect or be a little underwhelming like Y2K…


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