applicationCache too small to be (really) useful

Written by James McDonald

September 24, 2014

I have a html5 CACHE MANIFEST file with 600+ resources listed in it totalling 78.4 megabytes

Access the application on Internet Explorer 11 under windows 7 I manage to download exactly 57.16MB before it stops.

The applicationCache reaches a status of 0 (UNCACHED) so it’s never going to work offline.

Using the Chrome browser it’s the  same problem for Apple iPad 2 ( MC982X/A ).

When you first connect you get a status of “DOWNLOADING” then when it hits the download limit you get “UNCACHED”

So because the cache doesn’t download you never get an IDLE state

The status’s I’m talking about come from a snippet of javascript from under the “Cache Status” subheading.

So to cache 50-100MB of data you need Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. So no point in trying to implement a HTML5 application with offline data storage using applicationCache





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