Autostart a program after Gnome Shell Login Fedora 33

Written by James McDonald

November 7, 2020

This is how I autorun a Windows 10 Pro Guest on VMWare Workstation 16 on Fedora 33 when I login to Gnome Shell

Note: gnome-session-properties which some of my Google results would allow you to add a script to start at login no longer exists

Create a .desktop file. I called mine start-windows-10.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Run Windows 10 Pro at Login
Comment=Run Windows 10 Pro at Login
Exec=vmrun -T ws start /home/jm/vmware/Windows10Pro/Windows\ 10\ Pro\ Fix.vmx
# create the autostart folder if it doesn't exist
mkdir ~/.config/autostart
# copy the desktop file to the autostart
cp start-windows-10.desktop ~/.config/autostart/


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