Written by James McDonald

September 5, 2009

I have just returned to using subversion for my work related documentation. The reasons:

  • subversion in comparison to git allows you to easily check out 1 directory in the repository and then re-commit that back as needed. (because each directory in a subversion working copy has a .svn directory, subversion, and more importantly me can’t forget it’s a part of a repository)
  • I find subversion’s model of 1 central repository less confusing than the “we are all repositories, and working copies aswell” setup of git.

I was originally swayed by the git is good, subversion is naff Linus Torvalds @ Google Video. And I’m sure that there are myriad advantages to git. But I think I need to fully grasp the concept of git before I can move to it wholesale.

To that end I found a great 2 part tutorial worth having a look at here:


These are good tutorials because so many of the git tutorials seem to start describing how to use it in mid sentence, assuming prior knowledge that is only gained with use. The above seems to provide a nice gentle learning slope.


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