Business Name re-registration Opportunistic Businesses

Written by James McDonald

April 3, 2023

Two Three examples of Australian businesses one Melbourne based, the other two in Sydney who scan the ASIC registry data and then send a notification letter via snail mail to renew a business name at a much inflated price.

I tried to confirm the Registry company’s below reputation online at and found that they have a large number of favourable reviews for their “services”. Which now makes me conclude that not only are these business a scam but also has so many non-helpful and blatently falsified reviews that I don’t recommend using them for reputation checking anyone or thing.

The reviews I saw say something generic about how wonderful the service is without mentioning what the service is. Normal people who review things say like “They mowed my lawn and did a great job and were really polite” fake reviews say “I really like that service that you provided so well”. Fortunately enough people also post real reviews to show that they are indeed dodgy.

These companies would say they provide a valid service and have a right to exist. But when you can re-register with ASIC for much less it just helps to be aware of them and inform your accounts payable people to check within the business before forwarding payment to them.


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