CakePHP 4 policy missing from cake bake command

Written by James McDonald

June 1, 2022

If you try the bin/cake bake policy command and get “Could not find a task named policy.”

bin/cake bake policy
Could not find a task named `policy`.

Make sure CakePHP Authorization is installed and then add the following to src/Application.php

    public function bootstrap(): void
        // Call parent to load bootstrap from files.

        // other code here

        // Load more plugins here


Try again and you are good to go

bin/cake bake policy
# output
You must provide a name to bake a policy

bin/cake bake policy DebugKitAuthBypass      

Creating file C:\dev\cake-auth\src\Policy\DebugKitAuthBypassPolicy.php
Wrote `C:\dev\cake-auth\src\Policy\DebugKitAuthBypassPolicy.php`


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