Can you burn a CD ISO to to a DVD-R

Written by James McDonald

August 14, 2011

Just digging in my desk draw looking for a CDR to burn a 32bit Ubuntu Desktop Edition iso (ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso) to and discovered I didn’t have any. But I did discover a DVD+R.

So using Brasero (The Gnome ISO Burner Program under Linux (Fedora 15)) I burn’t the image to the DVD+R and tested it by booting from it to install it.

I can now answer my own question — Can you burn a CD ISO to to a DVD-R? Yes!


  1. cwraig

    I have also used imgburn on windows to do the same thing

    • james

      Good to know. I’m a cross platform sort of guy so knowing that the same can be done on Windows using helps.


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