Written by James McDonald

August 22, 2018

An idea

A car with a small compartment with an automatic door. The compartment contains a charging cradle and a small micro-drone with a hi res camera and a wi-fi connection back to the car

The cars on-board computer releases the drone when the car driver, or the cars guidance computer (if we get to full autonomous control) needs to understand if it is safe to pull out into traffic.

Once the drone is released it flies to a position where it can “see” the intersection, and then relays the data back to the car guidance computer or human driver, which can then make a decision on whether to enter the intersection or wait.

The drone would have collision avoidance and local area orchestration abilities to work with the same technology in other cars so there aren’t clouds of drones at intersections

The technology would include protections for range and height of operation, privacy and security

Once the car pulls out the drone auto homes back to the car and it’s charging cradle, ready for the next time it is needed


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