Change of Internet Service Provider

Written by James McDonald

August 10, 2017

Back to Exetel after a couple of years with Tel$tra

Unlimited and approx 30$ a month cheaper with a fixed IP



  1. netllama

    Just curious, how much are you paying with Exetel, and what’s the up/down bandwidth?

    • James McDonald

      6.88Mbps 0.67Mbps u/d and 54.99 per month. ADSL2+

      Google tells me that it’s ‘very slow’

      • netllama

        Yea, that’s incredibly slow by American standards. I’m paying about US$65/month for 25Mb/s down & 3Mb/s up, which is still on the lower end of speed here.

        Is Netflix usable at that speed?

        • James

          I don’t have Netflix but when using Telstra Bigpond Movies sometimes the app says that it’s too slow to view.


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