Changing Mozilla Thunderbird Forward as Attachment to Forward Inline

Written by James McDonald

May 5, 2009

When I forward a message I like to have the option of scrolling through the content and commenting in between the paragraphs of the forwarded message.

Thunderbirds default behaviour is to forward messages as attachments:

However to be able to edit the forwarded email you need to Go to Tools ==> Options ==> Composition ==> General Tab and change the Forwarded Messages: field from As Attachment to Inline as shown in the next screen shot:


  1. icepigz

    thx 4 the info. i’ve been wonderin why is it always attachment.

    thx again

  2. Tim

    On my Thunderbird 3.0, this option is under Edit – Preferences – Composition -General tab…
    but I didn’t see it till I looked at the screenshot here, so thanks..

    • JAB_au

      Something about the options in TB3 makes it hard to see for some reason, I had to look here as well.

  3. admin

    TB 3.1.3 it’s moved again
    Tools ==> Options ==> Composition ==> General Tab ==> Forward Messages: [Inline|As Attachment]


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