Cisco SSL VPN using openconnect demonstration video

Written by James McDonald

December 30, 2011

The openconnect package summarizes itself as the “Open client for Cisco AnyConnect VPN”.

Here is a youtube video showing an openconnect session being started from the command line:

I tried creating a connection via the NetworkManager software but it exited without giving me good feedback.

When running openconnect (as root) via the command line I got an error:

VPN service unavailable; reason: No address available for SVC connection.
Creating SSL connection failed

Apparently this means I am missing an IP Address pool as discussed under the heading “Check the IP Pool in WebVPN Profile” here

A Linux option for SSL VPN is openvpn-als


  1. David Woodhouse

    That looks like a server-side configuration error, and not openconnect’s fault. Does this server work with *any* clients, with no IP Address pool configured?

    The fact that NetworkManager doesn’t give you a coherent response is a PITA; please file a bug in (and/or with your Linux distribution) for that.

    • admin

      Yes David you are correct, I hadn’t set up the IP Address pool on the ASA to allow connection. Once I did openconnect happily grabs an IP Address and connects.


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