Delete the Dot SVN Subversion Directories from a Working Copy

Written by James McDonald

April 1, 2011

I use subversion to keep track of configuration file changes in the /etc directory on some of my Linux boxes.

However I have found occassionally some of the scripts that run against files in /etc/* descend into the .svn directory and try to execute the svn version control files.

To remove subversion from the /etc/* tree after it’s been installed I did the following using find and xargs.

# change to the /etc directory
cd /etc
# starting in the current directory (/etc)
# find all directories with the name .svn
# and remove them
find . -type d -name \.svn | xargs rm -rf {}\;

1 Comment

  1. Gabz

    You can also use the svn export command on a working copy to extract just he files to a folder


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