Don’t Buy USB Keys, SD Cards from Malaysian Street Vendors!

Written by James McDonald

February 23, 2015

So while in Kuala Lumpur I bought a couple of 512GB USB Keys a 128GB USB/Mini-USB key and a 64GB micro SD card. At 10MR each they were less than a third of what you would pay in Australia for a 8GB USB key from Verbatim or Toshiba.

After attempting to use them on both Windows & Linux I can categorically say don’t buy them… They don’t work!

All the packaging says Kingston or Samsung… But while the outside looks OK the reality is you can’t copy files onto or off them with out them becoming corrupted or the filesystems on the device developing weird characters when displayed in a file manager.

So I’m not sure where you would go in those countries to buy a non-bogus product, but I’ve learnt my lesson.



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