Ever wanted to right click on a file or folder and then copy the path? – Heres how

Written by James McDonald

December 21, 2007

At work I get phone calls from users asking where file or folder X is.

Instead of starting into explaining the path to the user and then explaining which key is the backslash key, I have found it easier to copy the path into an email and send it to them. I have a small script I attach to the right click context menus for file and directory objects

Context Menu Get File Path

Clicking on “Get File Path” brings up a vbs script input box from which I can copy the path from.

Get File Path Input Box

How it works

This vbs script is copied to C:\Windows\System32 (I have saved it with a txt extension so you need to rename it back to getFilePath.vbs.

This registry file contains the entries to get the option to appear on your right click menu (again you need to rename it to getfilepath_install.reg and double click it to make it work.)

Disclaimer: Please go to the support.microsoft.com website and read the disclaimer on any of their knowledge base articles about editing the registry. Because it applies here. i.e. you can render your computer unuseable if you edit the registry in the wrong way.


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