Written by James McDonald

February 25, 2011

Just did something stupid with my home system:

Started an update from Ubuntu 10.10 to the development version of the new 11.04 using update-manager -d. Saw the `don’t use this on a production system’ warning and ignored it, and pulled the trigger on the update.

Then I went to work and ssh’d back home and killed the GUI based update-manager process, along with it’s child dpkg --configure --overwrite every package known to ubuntu here command.

Then did a dpkg-reconfigure -a

Then an apt-get update && apt-get -f install && apt-get dist-upgrade to try and get it all consistent.

Needless to say my system is pretty much hosed. I was warned!

So I’ve downloaded Linux Mint 10 to give it a go for a couple of month while the shiney new Natty Narwhal finishes baking.

1st impressions from the Live CD. Really like the Mint Menu, it has a nice consistency to it. The theming seems to be good also.

Will have to wait and see on the rest of it.


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