Written by James McDonald

March 26, 2016

By default the Locale for CakePHP 3 is en_US so dates display as m/d/y

# config/app.php

'App' => [
        'namespace' => 'App',
        'encoding' => env('APP_ENCODING', 'UTF-8'),
        'defaultLocale' => env('APP_DEFAULT_LOCALE', 'en_US'),
        'base' => false,

Which makes dates come out like this:


But I live in the land down under where women glow and men plunder. So I would like my dates to be correctly backwards as they should be. (d/m/y)

'App' => [
        'namespace' => 'App',
        'encoding' => env('APP_ENCODING', 'UTF-8'),
        'defaultLocale' => env('APP_DEFAULT_LOCALE', 'en_AU'),
        'base' => false,




  1. gerry

    works thanks for that, took ages to find out why the dates were formated strange.

    • James Mcdonald

      Glad I could help. I was getting really annoyed having the replace every date with an echo $this->Time->format($time_here, ‘d/m/y’); statement could have saved a lot of a mucking around.


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