Gnome-shell or How to make Ubuntu look like an iPhone

Written by James McDonald

May 19, 2010

Just had a play with the new Gnome 3 gnome-shell.

On Ubuntu 10.04:

apt-get install gnome-shell
gnome-shell –replace

To revert back to the default Ubuntu Window Manager
metacity –replace
(You may have to also run)
gnome-panel &

Anyway check it out…

This is the applications pop-up menu. Looks a little like an iPhone's main menu

I can’t wait till they get it ready for prime time usage… I think the Linux community is so ready to move away from the Windows-alike-a-thon of the past few years.

Sadly but actually happily, my old computer probably won’t run it very well. Looks like I’m up for a new computer with better graphics 🙂

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  1. Denis

    It’s ever stupid idea, really. Just try to think: why Apple didn’t make Mac OSX looks and feels like iOS — the answer is this approach doesn’t suit large screens at all.


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