Written by James McDonald

June 30, 2007

Note: These Notes don’t yet give a working F7 wxPerl environment. I am currently trying the wxperl-users mailing list to see if I can get some information on why Media.pm isn’t being compiled/installed.

I am having all sorts of problems trying to get the latest version of wxWidgets and wxPerl installed.

The default wxGTK and perl-Wx that comes with Fedora 7 doesn’t seem to work with the GUI perl code created by wxGlade the complaint is:

"Can't locate Wx/Media.pm"

Fedora 6 had the missing Media.pm module so perhaps I need to go back to fc6 rpms but then I loose the latest wxGTK and wxPerl.

Looking for the offending file in the package that is supposed to have it brings up a big fat nothing. e.g. rpm -q perl-Wx –list | grep -i media outputs zilch and a locate -i media.pm does the same.

So here is my as yet unfinished notes on my attempt to get a working wxPerl setup running on Fedora. Incidently if you use Ubuntu then you will already have a setup that will run wxGlade created perl GUI code without choking.



wxWidgets-2.8.4 from http://www.wxwidgets.org

commands for wxWidgets

In the wxWidgets source dir
mkdir wxgtk
cd wxgtk


../configure --enable-unicode --with-sdl

My latest attempt is with –disable-shared… Due to the information I got looking at this page. Specifically the line “NOTE: If you don’t configure with “–disable-shared”, you will be unable to compile contrib libraries.”

./configure --enable-unicode --disable-shared --with-sdl --enable-mediactrl

Configured wxWidgets 2.8.4 for `i686-pc-linux-gnu'

Which GUI toolkit should wxWidgets use? GTK+ 2
Should wxWidgets be compiled into single library? no
Should wxWidgets be compiled in debug mode? no
Should wxWidgets be linked as a shared library? yes
Should wxWidgets be compiled in Unicode mode? yes
What level of wxWidgets compatibility should be enabled?
wxWidgets 2.4 no
wxWidgets 2.6 yes
Which libraries should wxWidgets use?
jpeg sys
png sys
regex builtin
tiff sys
zlib sys
odbc sys
expat sys
libmspack yes
sdl yes

make install
cd contrib/src/stc/
make install

Wx-0.74 is the wxPerl version from CPAN

Untarring WxPerl and then running:
perl Makefile.PL
causes problems with not finding the wxWidget libraries compiled above.

I tried to read the MakeMaker pod and then pass global include paths using:

perl Makefile.PL INC="-I/usr/local/lib/wx/include/gtk2-unicode-release-2.8 -I/usr/local/include/wx-2.8"

But this had no effect on the Makefile.PL’s in the sub directories of the Wx-0.74 source.

So I did it manually…

I have been going into all the Makefile.PL’s and adding the following INC line to the bottom of the wxWriteMakefile sub

LICENSE => 'perl',
INC => '-I/usr/local/lib/wx/include/gtk2-unicode-release-2.8 -I/usr/local/include/wx-2.8',

I sped this up by using
This has worked in that the error I was getting about ‘wx/defs.h’ not being found has gone.

Now I am getting another error

error: wx/setup.h: No such file or directory

This is due to I think originally compiling my wxWidgets without the –with-unicode flag… Hopefully recompiling wxWidgets will fix the issue.


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