Goodbye Dear Home Line I Paid for you Well

Written by James McDonald

January 19, 2012

Telstra provides a costly service. There isn’t enough competition to get the prices down especially in a regional area. They do have the best coverage on the mobile network though and it would be unfair not to mention our low population and enormous cabling distances to provide some sort of counter-point to the first sentence.

We have been paying circa 95$ a month for a fixed home line and an ADSL 2+ with a 50GB (I think) plan.

However we don’t use the homeline and the ADSL is $45 a month but you need to rent the copper to get the ADSL hence the nearly 40$ a month charge on top. Ouch!

For area’s where it’s Telstra only there is no such thing (as far as I’m aware) as Naked DSL.

So until the National Broadband Network arrives in my town. I’m going to leave the Phone/DSL dis-connected and when I see them laying the cable for the NBN in my regional city I’ll re-apply for a DSL/Fiber service… That’s if it ever eventuates.


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