Google Chrome – Please click File, Save As Linux

Written by James McDonald

September 7, 2008

Google Chrome is out and it’s only currently available on Windows. However not one to be peturbed by the tiresome differences between Windows and Linux I’ve got it installed on Wine 1.1.4. thanks to this page.

The only issue at the moment is that it won’t load https pages when running on top of WINE or run natively on GNU/Linux.

Going through the Google Chrome Comic you are actually sold on the browser by it’s technical superiority and the many new cool features. I love the right click, past and go menu option. No more copy paste, let go of mouse and press enter. Now it’s copy paste and go… Lovely.

I’m well impressed that they have separated the Tabs into different processes. So one badly coded javascript nightmare webpage won’t bring down the whole browser.

There are a heap of new architectural changes that mean it’s way superior to IE and even Firefox will require a rework to remain relavent. Oh and it’s open source software, Yay!


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