How to Delete a Hyper-V VM and ITS Hard Drives

Written by James McDonald

June 8, 2024

If its a replica Remove Replication

Get the paths to the Hard Drives

Get-VM TGN-RWD-BK01 |Select-Object -ExpandProperty HardDrives

Make a note of the location of the hard drives from the output

VMName         ControllerType ControllerNumber ControllerLocation DiskNumber Path
------         -------------- ---------------- ------------------ ---------- ----
TGN-RWD-BK01 IDE            0                0                             D:\Virtual Machines\Hyper-V Replica\Virtual hard disks\32FF1CEC-AGB2-4153-82F8-9BB1A56A70ED\FB8F64AE-24BC-4257-B79C-2C1F8192FB8F.vhdx
TGN-RWD-BK01 SCSI           0                0                             D:\Virtual Machines\Hyper-V Replica\Virtual hard disks\32FF1CEC-AGB2-4153-82F8-9BB1A56A70ED\9FDE8146-E6AE-40C0-A7AA-5D80AAEC7F15.vhdx

Then with GUI or Powershell Remove the VM

Remove-VM TGN-RWD-BK01

In Windows Explorer find and delete the folder containing the vhd’s “D:\Virtual Machines\Hyper-V Replica\Virtual hard disks\32FF1CEC-AGB2-4153-82F8-9BB1A56A70ED\”


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