id: cannot find name for group ID 10034

Written by James McDonald

July 20, 2009

Warning: If you do this you can kill your Samba Install. I take no responsibility if you damage your installation if you action anything on this website.

id: cannot find name for group ID 10034

I think the above error message was from deleting groups in an active directory domain. I seems that the idmap database on the linux box got out of sync with the domain database and when I was logging in as a specific user I got the above message. I am not totally sure if this is the case nevertheless I used the info below to stop the error message.

I couldn’t think of any other way of getting rid of the error message other than deleting the entry in the samba idmap db.

This is on a Redhat ES3.1 Box.

# as root
# stop your services
service winbind stop
service smb stop

# backup the files
tar  -czvf samba-cache-bak-20070720.tar.gz /var/cache/samba

cd /var/cache/samba

tdbdump winbindd_idmap.tdb  > idmap.txt

# open in editor and identify mappings
vi idmap.txt
# there are two sid to gid and gid to sid
key = "S-1-5-22-1557856830-1003751838-3751443174-1168\00"
data = "GID 10034\00"
key = "GID 10034\00"
data = "S-1-5-22-1557856830-1003751838-3751443174-1168\00"

# open in tdbtool
tdbtool winbindd_idmap.tdb

# show the records
show S-1-5-22-1557856830-1003751838-3751443174-1168
# You should see a reply such as 
key 47 bytes
data 10 bytes
[000] 47 49 44 20 31 30 30 33  34 00                    GID 1003 4

# and something similar for the show GID\ 10034
show GID\ 10034
key 10 bytes
GID 10034
data 47 bytes
# etc...

# then delete both mappings
delete S-1-5-22-1557856830-1003751838-3751443174-1168
delete GID\ 10034

# show will now return something different
show GID\ 10034
fetch failed
show S-1-5-22-1557856830-1003751838-3751443174-1168
fetch failed

# type q to quit

# restart your services
service winbind start
service smb start


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