Written by James McDonald

November 22, 2007

Just had some pretty severe electrical storms here in the Hunter. So my boss rings me and says that her Linksys WAG54G (DSL + 4 Port Ethernet + Wireless Router) power light is blinking. Sadly the resolution suggested on the website which is reflash it’s firmware doesn’t fix it. Probably because it’s caught a big boot up the phone line.

So I go to Hardly Normal or www.harveynorman.com.au and they have Belkin which is cheaper by about 30$ AUD than D-LINK. So I buy 2 one for my boss and one for myself because I’ve been using an Alcatel Speedtouch Home for like 5 years the STH isn’t actually a router it relies on the computer to do the dialing. So I was keen to bring myself into the 20th century and get an actual router going.

I avoided the dearer D-LINK option (179$) because I have a fairly fixed belief that they don’t do RJ-45 connections very well (a bit too plastic).

Belkin I have found, has a lifetime warranty also which is another plus. Anyway I’ve gotten it home plugged it in and it does all that’s needed and it’s got a nice case. At 149$ AUD it’s not too bad on the pocket either. I have configure port forwarding to an internal host and it all just works.


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