Lightening Strikes and DSL goes bye-bye

Written by James McDonald

November 22, 2007

Just had some pretty severe electrical storms here in the Hunter. So my boss rings me and says that her Linksys WAG54G (DSL + 4 Port Ethernet + Wireless Router) power light is blinking. Sadly the resolution suggested on the website which is reflash it’s firmware doesn’t fix it. Probably because it’s caught a big boot up the phone line.

So I go to Hardly Normal or and they have Belkin which is cheaper by about 30$ AUD than D-LINK. So I buy 2 one for my boss and one for myself because I’ve been using an Alcatel Speedtouch Home for like 5 years the STH isn’t actually a router it relies on the computer to do the dialing. So I was keen to bring myself into the 20th century and get an actual router going.

I avoided the dearer D-LINK option (179$) because I have a fairly fixed belief that they don’t do RJ-45 connections very well (a bit too plastic).

Belkin I have found, has a lifetime warranty also which is another plus. Anyway I’ve gotten it home plugged it in and it does all that’s needed and it’s got a nice case. At 149$ AUD it’s not too bad on the pocket either. I have configure port forwarding to an internal host and it all just works.


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