Lucid Chart – Online Visio Replacement

Written by James McDonald

January 22, 2016

Just discovered Lucid Charts. It is a diagramming program you can run in your browser.

First look:

  • Feature Rich – Provides generic Network and Network Infrastructure Shapes. It provides Cisco, Azure and AWS shapes and a heap of ‘clip-art’ network and equipment shapes (you know the ones drawn as isometric shapes). But you can also import your own Visio or SVG Shapes (I’m thinking VMWare would be a good one)
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface. Adding shapes and dragging connectors is really easy
  • Export to PDF and other formats for offline printing and sharing is quick and simple
  • I absolutely love the Open Source Dia diagramming program, and am loyal to it, however Lucid Charts (as you would expect for a paid-for product) provides a higher level of ease of use.




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