Written by James McDonald

May 8, 2020

So I’ve just moved from Telstra to TPG

The same bandwidth and data for 69.99 down from $90 for the Telstra service. $20 a month difference

The service is an NBN50. The bandwidth for both seems to be similar with the typical up and downs observed due to the contended service typical of any of the consumer grade ISP’s (what I mean is sometimes it’s fast and sometimes it’s slow depending on the time of day)

The Telstra service is backed by a Mobile network backup so if your NBN Service fails it switches over to a Mobile data service embedded in the modem. TPG doesn’t supply this service.

The TP-Link modem supplied by TPG has a nice surprise an embedded VPN server allow you to set up – OpenVPN, PPTP and IPSec service connection. Which is a great addition if you are remotely supporting a home office.

So for the moment I’m well happy with the new TPG service I have which went live last Friday 8th of May 2020


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