Mutt commands for people familiar with Outlook

Written by James McDonald

June 22, 2015

This is from an old collections of posts I store in my faq archive

Reply All

to reply to all press g with the relavent email selected or open it and press g


to sort the list of emails press o and then select a letter from the the list

To change to another email folder (IMAP Folder)

press c and then press ? to get a list of folders press enter to open the folder you select

Access the Mutt Address Book

Add an alias entry in muttrc to keep the addresses seperate
set alias_file = “~/.mutt/.mutt_alias”
When in mutt open an email and then hit “a” to open the alias mode and follow prompts to open it properly

Select all messages in a folder

T ~A

Delete all the messages in a folder

D ~A

This will mark all for deletion to commit the delete enter $

Forward multiple attachments from an email message

select the email in mutt and open it (press enter or space once it is selected) press v to view the attachment list
arrow down to the first attachment you want to forward and press t to tag it (an * will appear beside it to show it’s selected)
select each additional attachment using the arrow keys and t (pressing t will move the selection to the next attachment if you want to select it too press t again or arrow to each attachment and press t)

the `f’ key tells mutt to forward a tagged attachment, but we want to forward ALL tagged attachments. This is done by pressing ; and then f
You will be then prompted by a To: simply enter the address and complete the email as normal

Delete attachments

If you find you have selected too many attachments simply select the attachment in the list and use D to delete the attached file

View email messages in mutt that are nested in nested folders

With Maildir format you can have email messages and folders nested inside folders not just folders contain only other folders or only email messages

To view these you need to be able change IMAP folders and recognize when there are email messages to view

To change folders in IMAP under mutt

press c
press TAB or ? to get a list of folders to change to
you should see a list an example follows
the plus sign after the IMAP tells us that there are folders nested inside the folder listed on the right hand side.

1     IMAP                                  Drafts
2     IMAP +                                Finance.
3     IMAP                                  House
4     IMAP                                  INBOX
5     IMAP                                  Jetstar
6     IMAP +                                Lists.
7     IMAP                                  Outbox
8     IMAP +                                Registrations.
9     IMAP                                  Sent
10     IMAP +                                Tech.
11     IMAP                                  Templates
12     IMAP                                  Trash
13     IMAP +                                Work.
14     IMAP                                  contacts
15     IMAP +                                personal.

To view email messages select a folder and press the space bar which will open the folder for message viewing.
To navigate the folders select a folder and press enter which will open another folder list (if there are folders within it or just show the emails..)

To move an email from one folder to another

saelect message and press `s’
you will be prompted for a mailbox name and path. Mutt will guess a maiulbox name based on the email.
Save to mailbox ('?' for list): =smulqueeny
Press the `?' key and

Undelete a deleted message

type the number of the message in eg 8 and press enter press the `u’ key to undelete

q:Quit  d:Del  u:Undel  s:Save  m:Mail  r:Reply  g:Group  ?:Help
1  D+ Oct 31 NetBankNotifica (   0) First NetBank Open Payment
2  D+ Oct 31 Richard McDonal (   0) web server
3  D+ Nov 01 James McDonald  (   2) Tambour Door
4  D+ Nov 02 Nover & Co, New (  48) Re: Nover Enquiry Form
5  D  Nov 02 Helen Skone     (   0) FW: Lane Cove Hole
6  D+ Nov 04 Elaine McDonald (   0) FW: Auction
7 rD+ Nov 03 Richard McDonal (   0) RE: https port dead ?
8  D+ Nov 07 Janelle Khawly  (  94)
9  D  Nov 10 NetRegistry     ( 311) NetRegistry November Newsletter
10  D+ Nov 10 Janelle Khawly  (   0)
11  D+ Nov 10 Janelle Khawly  (   0)
12  D+ Nov 10 Janelle Khawly  (   0)
13  D+ Nov 10 Janelle Khawly  (   0)
14  D+ Nov 11 NetBankNotifica (   0) First NetBank Open Payment
15   + Nov 10 my-yahoo-regist ( 171) Yahoo!: Please Verify Your Email Address
16   T Nov 14 Simon Mulqueeny (2527) New address details
17 r T Nov 14 Janelle Khawly  (   0) DUNK ISLAND
18 r   Nov 15 Simon Butler    (   0) Please Constact Simon @ Endeavour
19   + Nov 16 Janelle Khawly  (   0) RE: The Profit
20 r + Nov 16 Simon Butler    (   0) RE: Please Constact Simon @ Endeavour
21 r C Nov 16 [email protected] (   0) weekend
22   F Nov 16 To emc@exemail. (   0) Re: weekend
-*-Mutt: =INBOX [Msgs:47 Old:2 Del:26]—(date/date)——————–(46%)—


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