New-AzDNSZone -ZoneType Private not showing registered hosts

Written by James McDonald

September 16, 2019

Oh the joys of studying a platform that is in continuous rapid development

Just discovered a difference between expected behaviour and actual with New-AzDNSZone

I’ve just created a “Private” zone ‘’ and registered both resolution and registration Vnets as here:

Name                          :
ResourceGroupName             : tgnrg3
Etag                          : 00000002-0000-0000-a3c5-3e812f6cd501
Tags                          : {}
NameServers                   : {}
ZoneType                      : Private
RegistrationVirtualNetworkIds : {/subscriptions/4493f65a-73aa-aa90-816e-83edddc
ResolutionVirtualNetworkIds   : {/subscriptions/4493f65a-73aa-aa90-816e-83edddc
NumberOfRecordSets            : 2
MaxNumberOfRecordSets         : 10000


I have created two VMs in the registration VNet


New VM’s created in the registration VNet/s are supposed to show up in the zone record set. However while I can resolve these hostnames via DNS. I can’t see the self-registered records

Possible cause of records not showing

I believe this is because Azure has a new feature named “Private DNS Zones” and the functionality has moved so in order to see the self-registered records you should use this new functionality

A manually added record vm-b appears fine. But the vms created in the Registration VNet (vm-a, vm-a2) don’t appear.


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