Nginx vs Apache

Written by James McDonald

February 26, 2014

Running nginx with php-fpm configured to run a php-fpm

Running Apache using mod_fcgid to run php-cgi as a different user from Apache

I ran the Apache benchmarking tool

ab -c 100 -n 10000 http://servername/php_page.php

The php_page.php file has the following in it.


header('Content-type: text/html');

foreach($_SERVER as $h=>$v)
                echo "<li>$h = $v</li>\n";
 no net (local)net (accross network)
Apache on Rackspace 512 MB VPS instance16.92616.590
NGinx on Rackspace VPS 1GB Ram instance7.3126.795

The end result was as the table above.

Interestingly ab spawned so many copies of the php-cgi that it quickly ran out of resources on the 512 MB server so I have to figure out how to throttle it so it doesn’t fall over.




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